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There are a number of different types of wall insulation, so you need to figure out which one is suitable for your house.  The type of insulation you choose depends on the age of your house, whether the walls are solid or cavity walls, whether you want to preserve the original exterior of the house, and how much room you have inside the house.

External wall insulation is one of our most popular types of insulation, because it’s a fairly fast process, all the work happens outside your house, it’s affordable, and your house gets a fresh exterior.  

Similarly, cavity wall insulation is fast, there’s very little mess, and all the work happens outside, but the one requirement is that you must have cavity walls.  

Dry lining is the best option if you want to preserve the original exterior of your house, but there’s a trade off as it does reduce the space inside the house and you will have workmen indoors for a while – best if you’re already planning on renovating the inside of your home.  

Spray foam cavity wall insulation is ideal for cavity walls that need extra support, for families that want the added bonus of sound proofing, and again, it’s fast, and minimally intrusive.

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