Our Cavity Wall Insulation Extraction System Solves Problems With Damp Walls

Here at Complete Insulations, we have developed a new age and a way forward. What is it you ask? Well it is an – INSULATION EXTRACTION SYSTEM. Why is it needed? We are seeing more and more properties where they are having possible issues due to dated / tired insulation, where the insulation may have been installed, which now is seen to passed its best.

We now have a system where we can easily remove most installed insulation, effectively and then re-install with today’s system and technology. All will usually be undertaken over 1-2 day period, so not long and very little disruption to the home and property as many see an immediate benefit and so much warmer. In some properties we see issues like this, again we can address and resolve where the issue is due to poor cavity wall insulation, which has now become tired and dated.

These examples on the right are a typical sight in some older properties where attention has not been given for some time, again, it is easy for us to resolve with some redecoration following. Where settlement has taken place, the insulation has compacted and as a result any moisture / water running down the inside of the outer cavity wall, then finds it easy to travel within through the insulation to inner wall and thus make the wall damp. In some areas within the property the plaster on the wall discolours and can also lead to mould deposits on the wall.

Complete Insulations - Damp Cavity Walls - 1Complete Insulations - Damp Cavity Walls - 3

Damp & Illness From Damp Cavity Walls Can Be Resolved

The removal of the materials in the cavity is made easy by our experienced team, we simply open a few areas on each wall, this allows us to remove all offending materials and in many cases the old debris that should have been removed when building is often seen. All the debris and tired materials are compacted and removed off site as part of our service.

Cavity Wall Insulation Extraction

Complete Insulations - Damp Extraction Cavity Walls - 2

Complete Insulations - Damp Extraction Cavity Walls - 3

Complete Insulations - Damp Extraction Cavity Walls - 4

As shown in the second image above, in some properties we see these white beads when we open the wall.
White beads with no adhesive – this is a thing of the past. Move with the times and see what a difference we can make.

With today’s insulation products, many people see that the comfort and energy savings achieved following a removal and re-install process, is bringing what was a tired and hard to heat home into a very comfortable home with reduced heating costs. Savings in heating costs following this energy efficiency program reduces heating costs by up to around 20%.

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