Is your home hard to heat?

Cold HouseIf your home is hard to heat or you have unexplained damp patches in the house, you may have a problem with your cavity wall insulation.

Although this is a rare problem, it’s possible that over time, cavity wall insulation may settle and compact, creating uninsulated areas which allow cold to creep into your home.  It also encourages water to travel in to the inner walls of your home, causing damp and even mould. Defective or poorly fitted insulation will create similar problems.

With our cavity wall insulation extraction process, you can reverse this process in only one or two days!  We remove the faulty material and replace it with brand new, effective insulation that will allow your house to dry out, returning it to a warm and comfortable home immediately.

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Our process does not leave any marks or damage your walls, in fact, it actually protects them against the damp.  We also ensure to clean up thoroughly and remove all the old debris that has been removed. We even redecorate mouldy or damp patches on your inner walls.

Once complete, the only reminder of our work will be your beautifully warm home!

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