Dry Lining Wall Insulation

What is Dry Lining Interior Insulation?

Insulating the interior walls of your home is called dry lining. We fit dry-lining warm-boards on the inside of the perimeter walls of your property. The boards are made of 92mm insulated plasterboard which retains heat in your home and enables you to save up to 50% on heating costs.

When Is Dry Lining a Good Choice of Insulation?

If your house has solid walls, you will not be able to get cavity wall insulation.  Solid walls are the norm in houses that were built pre 1940’s.  Solid walled houses lose heat easily – you could be losing up to 30% of your heat through the walls! 

If you’re thinking of renovating the interior of your house, then dry lining insulation would be ideal. It is cheaper and faster than external wall insulation and it’s also a good option if you want to retain the brick exterior of your house.

Preventing Damp

Interior insulation reduces the chances of damp penetrating your walls (except rising damp, which is due to a faulty damp course). If you have existing damp issues we can often rectify these before we install your new insulation. Your damp proof course should be treated by a specialist prior to insulation, and we can arrange this for you if necessary.  After insulation, however, our thorough work ensures complete coverage, reducing the risk of damp.

Effectiveness of Interior Insulation

Dry lining insulation significantly reduces the rate at which heat escapes through your walls (thermal conductivity) due it’s excellent ability to resist heat transfer (R value), resulting in warmer, more pleasant conditions inside your home.

What is Involved in the Installation Process?

Our insulation panels are pre-finished and do not need plastering, which means that all we need to do is install them, thereby reducing the length of the job. Read below for more detail on the installation process.

How Will Interior Insulation Affect my Home?

Dry lining is lightweight, so it won’t affect your foundations. It also allows great flexibility for design changes, future expansion and any future internal alterations.

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All you need to do before we arrive is remove paintings and other items from the walls, and move your furniture away from the walls we’ll be working on.

Then we:

This process can take 5 to 7 days depending on the size of your house. We are well aware that having work done in the house for several days can make life tricky, so we always aim to minimise disruption to your day to day life as much as possible.

Insulation boards are non toxic and there are no fumes on installation, however there is some dust.  Whilst most families stay in the house during the insulation process, we do recommend that young families or anyone with asthma stays elsewhere during installation.

There is no maintenance required for dry lining insulation and no special care.  It has a lifetime guarantee and will prove to be a great investment, giving your home high quality insulation and added comfort.

Be aware that the interior of your house will be reduced. If this is an issue for you, you may want to consider external wall insulation as an alternative.

Kore Thermal Board Insulation

Kore insulated plasterboards are made from a rigid polystyrene (EPS) board which is bonded to plasterboard.  This closed cell insulation results in consistent thermal performance and incorporates a vapour control layer which prevents moisture from inside the home penetrating the walls of the property.

The boards come pre-prepared so that they can be fixed to the interior walls of your home swiftly and easily.  The type of fixings used depend on your walls; either adhesive and wall plugs, or mechanical fixings. 

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