Cavity Wall Insulation – Bonded Bead Insulation

Did you know that 35% of your heating is lost through your walls? No wonder we often sit in our homes wondering why we need an extra jumper when we have the heating on and the fire going. Think of the money and the valuable energy you are frittering away needlessly each year.

For a competitive price you can receive top notch wall insulation at Complete Insulations in exchange for comfort and peace of mind. Let your walls become your ally with our bonded bead and foam insulations for your cavity walls.

Graphite 27 Plus Cavity Wall Insulation consists of an expanded polystyrene material injected in bead form with a bonding agent. The bonding agent is used to provide long-term stability to the insulant.

The product is used for the thermal insulation of new or existing cavity walls up to 12 meters in height, subject to the conditions contained in Part 3 of the attached Certificate. It also facilitates the control of surface and interstitial condensation in walls. It is approved for installing in masonry cavity walls for both full fill or partial fill situations when a residual cavity width of 40mm or greater exists subject to the conditions identified in Cl. 2.4.4 of the attached certificate.

Step 1

Cavity is measured and assessed by our surveyor.

Step 2

The Insulation Technicians follow a strict drilling pattern set out by the Irish Agreement Board (IAB) to insure all areas of the cavity if filled.

Step 3

Graphite 27 Plus Silver Beading – is injected into the cavity by compressed air and as the bead enters the cavity coated with a bonding adhesive.

Step 4

Our specialised drilling pattern, coat of adhesive material and Graphite 27 Plus Silver Beading all give a guaranteed fill and bonded cavity for a warm, energy efficient home.

Step 5

All penetration holes are filled with the correct mortar to suit wall

Complete Insulation - Wall Insulations - 1

Complete Insulation - Wall Insulations - 2

Complete Insulation - Wall Insulations - 3

Complete Insulation - Wall Insulations - 4

Graphite 27 Plus Silver Beading can be used in: Schools, New Dwellings, Existing Dwellings, Apartment Blocks, Hotels & Office Blocks

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