Deep dive into our roof and attic insulation products!

We have a variety of roof and attic products depending on your requirements.  It really depends how much space you have in your attic, whether you have an attic conversion, and what effect you want to achieve.

Earthwool is the type of attic insulation that we’re all familiar with – the roll of yellow material that is rolled out in rows to insulate your loft.  It’s affordable, and extremely easy and fast to install, so even though we’ll have to have access through the house, it won’t be for long!  

Spray foam insulation is a good alternative if you have little space in the attic and you want to reduce the thickness of the insulation.  It’s also easier to install into cramped and hard to access spaces.  With foam you can also seal your home with an airtight layer, which also reduces noise pollution.

Retrofit roof insulation is ideal for attic conversions or attics where it’s impossible to access the inside of the rafters from inside the house.  It adds structural integrity to your roof and you can give your roof a facelift at the same time.  All work takes place outside the house so there’s minimal disruption to your routine.

We’ve also provided a link here to other applications for spray foam, which includes agricultural, industrial, and shipping containers.

Use the links below to find out more about the type of insulation that suits you.


You may be interested in the following information from the SEAI website:

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