What is Retro Fit Roof Insulation?

Retro Fit Roof InsulationIs your roof poorly insulated? Is it in poor repair? Retro fit roof insulation offers a solution for both!

Retro fit roof insulation offers additional benefits even if you already have insulation at ceiling height. Once heat penetrates your existing insulation, our spray foam then acts as a second layer of insulation, slowing heat loss by up to 60%.

No more slipping tiles or slates with our closed cell bio foam. Our spray-applied rigid biofoam offers considerable benefits over a conventional re-roof. Not only do you receive excellent insulation and soundproofing, system is also much faster, cheaper and cleaner than a conventional re-roof. You also get to retain the original character of your roof. The foam system will also improve the structural integrity of your roof by over 30%.

The best bit is that all the work happens outside, so your day to day life is unaffected!

Retro Fit Roof Insulation with Attic Conversions

This type of insulation is also perfect for attic conversions. With our roof spray insulation you can transform your loft into a clean, warm and usable space. If insulation is applied in conjunction with a full attic conversion with roof light windows to give natural daylight, the possibilities are endless.

In today’s housing climate, loft conversions make sense economically, allowing you to extend your floor space without moving home. Roof restoration with spray foam insulation is ideal for attic conversions to create a home office, studio space, kiddies play area, extra bedroom or simply an extra clean, warm storage space. Find out more about our attic conversion service.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are particularly prone to leaks and problems with moisture control. Spray foam insulation is the perfect solution to solve moisture problems and at the same time address the lack of insulation which is so common with flat roofs.

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All you need to do before we arrive is to clear the area outside your house where scaffolding will be erected.

  1. We remove tiles/slates, cut timber battons and lift felt/membrane.
  2. Then we spray an open cell foam insulation to achieve airtightness.
  3. Finally, we refit & reseal your roof.

Generally the process takes 2-5 days, depending on the weather. All work takes place outside, so there will be no fumes and you won’t need to air out the house.  No maintenance is required and the insulation will last for the entire life time of your house.  Best of all, you’ll feel the difference in your house overnight!

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