Retro Fit Roof Insulation

At Complete Insulations we can insulate your roof from the outside!

  • We remove tiles/slates, cut timber battons and lift felt/membrane. Then we spray an open cell foam insulation to achieve airtightness. Finally, we refit & reseal your roof.
  • No disturbance or mess created inside as everything is done from the outside
  • We can access your roof from the outside, keeping the roof airtight and thus eliminating any draughts
  • Suitable for bay windows with small roofs
  • Suitable for lean-to roofs at back, front or side of house
  • Suitable for draughty roofs on porches or extensions

Cost Saving Retro Fit Roof Insulation

Retro Fit Roof Insulation

No more slipping tiles or slates with our closed cell bio foam. Our spray applied rigid biofoam offers considerable benefits over a conventional re-roof. Not only do you receive excellent insulation and soundproofing, system is also much faster, cheaper and cleaner than a conventional re-roof. You also get to retain the original character of your roof. The foam system will also improve the structural integrity of your roof by over 30%.

Even if your roof is insulated at ceiling height, once heat penetrates your existing insulation, our spray foam then acts as a second layer of insulation, thus slowing heat loss by up to 60%. With our roof spray insulation you can transform your loft into a clean, warm and usable space. If insulation is applied in conjunction with a full attic conversion with roof light windows to give natural daylight, the possibilities are endless. In today’s housing climate, it makes economical sense to fully utilise your existing space in.

Roof restoration with spray foam insulation is ideal for loft and attic conversions for a home office or studio space, kiddies play area or an extra bedroom or simply as an extra clean, warm and safe storage space.

As a rule of thumb, your attic space will normally be the same dimensions as your first floor living space. So why not use it to its full potential.

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