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Property Investment through home insulation and efficient energyDid you know that your property will be worth more if you have a good BER rating?


Did you know that about 50% of tenants are willing to pay more for properties with high BER ratings? This amounts to a €40 increase in rent for a 1 grade improvement in BER.

If you’re wondering whether to put money into improving your BER rating, now you have the answer. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling your home or renting it out, improving your BER has financial benefits either way.

Increase BER = Increase Property Value

Increase rental and property prices by increasing your BER rating.

Buyers and renters are getting pretty savvy these days and small things like the BER rating can make all the difference. They know it’s going to save them money on bills and allow them to create the comfortable home they’re looking for. They want a home that’s ready to go, rather than having to spend time trying to fix a multitude of issues in a property. And they’re ready to pay for it.

You’ll obviously benefit from increased rental or property prices but a higher standard house is also more attractive, which should result in a quicker sale or letting. Don’t leave your property sitting empty! Make the move today and book in now for your free consultation.

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