Solar Energy Panels

Affordable, Clean, Green Electricity for Your Home & Business

  • Produce clean energy and improve BER ratings
  • Save money on electric bills
  • Use Solar Energy panels to produce hot water at low cost
  • Meets the requirements under Part L of the building code
  • No overheating or maintenance
  • Economical and efficient
  • Easy solar energy panel installation, no pipes!
  • No maintenance or costly servicing



Why choose Solar PV Panels?

PV Panels vs Solar Tube System

  • Lower cost
  • No need to change the cylinder
  • No water system to maintain
  • No need for anti freeze


The main advantage of using solar energy and panels is the money you will save. During the day, almost all of the electrical energy you use will be solar powered.

Household solar power panels are fitted with various mounting systems that work with all roof types. Solar power panels are fitted either tilted (on flat roofs) or mounted to the pitch of the roof. Our expert roofing team will ensure your panels are fitted to the highest standard. It is easier to attach the solar mounts while the roof tiles or slates are being fitted. This can help prevent future problems such as leaks etc. It is essential to attach the panels securely using stainless steel roof hooks as it ensures that the solar power panels will last their 40 year lifespan.

Generating Hot Water from Your Solar PV Panels

With the installation of Solar PV panels, it is easy to use this surplus to provide solar powered hot water.

A sensor is clamped around a cable coming from the unit into your mains power. The unit will begin to use power in the immersion heater when the sensor registers that you are exporting approx. 50 watts of power. In this way, your immersion is turned up and down only using surplus solar electricity, providing you with hot water without using any electricity from the grid.

Selecting The Solar Device That’s Right For You

There are many different devices that can use your surplus electricity from a solar panel to heat water in the immersion cylinder. Please let us help you decide which unit is for you.

Solar PV Panel models:

Nationwide Installation

Solar PV Panels stored in our warehouse and ready for next day installation countrywide. We offer a choice of modules, most of which are listed by Bloomberg as “Tier 1”, as well as black-framed panels for residential rooftops.

All our panels are fully tested and certified with EN61215 and have a 25 year production warranty and 10 year manufacturers warranty.

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