Other Spray Foam Applications

Open and closed cell spray foam can be used in many other ways.

  • Agricultural Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Solid Flat Roofs
  • Containers
  • New Builds
  • … and more


Heating and cooling can present a substantial business cost for farmers. Spray foam can help you reduce costs by insulating many types of agricultural buildings, eg barns, stables, livestock sheds, crop or animal feed storage and workshops, helping you to avoid extremes and maintain an even temperature year round. Spray foam also helps to keep your buildings sanitary, prevents frost damage, mould growth and condensation that may damage equipment. Spray foam is non toxic to your animals and rodent resistant.


Industrial buildings of all kinds have many requirements in terms of temperature, soundproofing, airflow and moisture control. Spray foam insulation can address all of these issues while at the same time reducing energy bills.

Industrial buildings all have their own unique functional features depending on the type of business area. Spray foam is so versatile it can be easily adapted to suit your business needs. It can be used in factories, warehouses, storerooms, exhibition halls, showrooms, manufacturing units and shops.

Many industrial buildings like warehouses or factories have roofs constructed of materials that transmit heat easily, leading to a high rate of heat loss. Metals in particular are likely to suffer from the additional problem of condensation. Spray foam insulation can solve these problems, resulting in better working conditions and protecting your equipment and stock from damage.


Shipping containers now have a wide variety of uses, but like industrial buildings, their metal construction makes them prone to heat loss and condensation. Other forms of insulation can be hard to apply due to corrugated walls, so spray foam is the perfect solution. It also allows you to get great insulating power from a thin layer of insulate, so minimising the reduction of space inside the container.

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